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Pawfectly tailored serving charts for your Fur-Friends!

All our products’ labels provide ‘Serving-by-Weight’ guidelines, which we feel is better than just providing servings based on “small, medium or large” pets. We also provide a full and detailed Serving Chart available here.

Reminder, these servings are based on a full-day’s serving for any given product. If you are buying more than one product, you will adjust your servings to make sure you are giving your pet smaller servings so when in total for the day, they are getting the proper amount. If you have any questions, please use our contact form to request help from us.

For people never having given their pet Hemp in the past, we have come to prefer a veterinarian developed formula of starting with a higher amount in week 1 and backing it down to about half in week two going forward. However, if you have given your pet Hemp in the past and know what the right amount for them is, use the “Week 2 and beyond” as your guide, compare to what you’ve been doing and make your adjustments.

All pets are different — so as you move beyond week 2, it’s okay to adjust serving size up or down a little bit. Our serving sizes are meant to get you in ‘the right range’ by using a ‘milligrams per kilogram of pet body weight’

As an example, if your pet weighs 60 pounds, that’s approximately 27 kilograms. At 1⁄2 mg per kilogram, that comes to 13 1⁄2 mg per serving, two times a day. Once you know this and you gain experience, you can adjust up or down knowing you started in a range that isn’t just “guessing”.

Thank you for purchasing Smart Hemp from Smart Hemp! Contact us if you have questions!

Click here to download the Serving Charts!
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